• Stacking Box – STKB

    Stacking Box – STKB

    • 3,000 lb. capacity
    • Made with a hot dip galvanized finish
    • Glue down rubber on base, 1 side and connection bars
    • Stackable up to 3 units for space savings
    • Product to be loaded in the same direction
    • Stores remnants up to 29” high & lengths of up to 10’
    • Ships knocked down for freight savings
  • Stacking Rack – SR-1Stacking Rack – SR-1

    Stacking Rack – SR-1

    • Designed to be Stacked Three High with a Stationary Bottom. Wheels can only be used when not stacked. Maximum capacity is 3,000 lbs. total. One rack can hold 3,000 lbs. If stacked three high, each rack can only hold 1,000 lbs.
    • Will roll through a 30” wide door opening.
    • Removable front legs for easy hand loading and unloading.
    • Hold down bars to secure the material to the box and prevent damage in transport.
    • Cable hooks for crane handling.
    • Optional 5” diameter Casters, two rigid and two swivel.
    • 24” load height, with a 20.5" Ledge depth