Bundle Rack – 6,000 lbs.

Bundle Rack – 6,000 lbs.

  • CAPACITY: 6,000 lbs. per opening (3,000 lbs. per post evenly distributed)
  • Rails designed with slots to hold 2 x 4’s which protect the slab edges and the finish on the rails (2 x 4’s not included)
  • Complete with 11” connector tube for butting rails together in a straight line for desired length
  • Rails built with 2” square holes spaced 4” apart (10 holes). A steal plate with identical holes is welded and boxed inside the rail, 1” up from the bottom
  • 2” square tube posts and 2” square rubber post caps to separate bundles and slabs
  • Heavy-duty powder coated finish for storing small fabricated parts and cut-offs , standard size slabs and oversized size slabs
  • Post options available for

SKU: Bundle Rack Categories: , , Tags: , , Dimensions: Rail Size: 11.25” x 5.5” x 60” Weight: Rail Weight: 55 Lbs.
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  • Assembly/Safety Video

Product Description

Store bundles or slabs in your shop or warehouse with ease in this well designed, patented rack! – Patent # 7143901


  • Maximum weight allowed per opening is 6,000 lbs. (3,000 lb. per post)
  • Minimum of 2-degree angle when dropping stone in between posts
  • Inspect posts each time used

NOTE: When assembled the overall height of the posts are 5.5” less then listed (EXAMPLE: 60” post will be 54.5” above the top of the rail)

Part No.Length OpeningsParts In PackageWeight lbs.Price Each
4-W605’42 BR-5, 10 SP-60260$654.00
9-W6010’94 BR-5, 20 SP-60520$1,308.00
19-W6020’198 BR-5, 40 SP-601,040$2,616.00
49-W6050’4920 BR-5, 100 SP-602,600$6,540.00

Assembly/Safety Video