Glass Slings
  • Glass Slings

Glass Slings

  • Workloads are rated 4,800 lbs. per sling in a vertical lift.
  • The inside of slings and horizontal straps are covered with reinforced PVC coated material to help prevent cutting.
  • Made with 3" wide polyester webbing which minimizes elongation to 3% or less.
  • Velcro straps prevent slings from shifting on beam when not under load.

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Product Description

SAFETY WARNING: Check slings for wear and damage before each use.

Part No. DescriptionPrice Each
78S78″ Long sling for glass 36″ up to 54″ high

$947.00 /set

108M108″ Long sling for glass 60″ up to 84″ high

$1,173.00 / set

124L124″ Long sling for glass 72″ up to 100″ high

$1,300.00 / set

160J160″ Long sling for glass 130″ up to 204″ high

$1,620.00 / set